BARD FLIP-FLO Catheter Valve

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BARD FLIP-FLO Catheter Valve
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BARD FLIP-FLO Catheter Valve
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BARD FLIP-FLO Catheter Valve
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The Bard FLIP-FLO Foley Catheter Valve is suitable for a wide range of patients using either urethral or suprapubic catheters.  When used from the start, the Flip-Flo catheter valve can help maintain bladder tone and capacity.  The flushing action may also reduce the risk of blockage.  Does not contain natural rubber latex.


Key Features

  • Easy to open lever tap
  • Empty bladder at own convenience
  • Helps maintain bladder tone and capacity



  • Wash Hands
  • Attach Flip-Flo valve to catheter ensuring that you do not touch either the catheter end or the valve connector
  • Wash hands thoroughly before and after operating the Flip-Flo valve
  • Empty bladder frequently as advised by your doctor or nurse
  • To open the Flip-Flo valve, push lever down
  • Allow urine to drain into toilet or an appropriate receptacle
  • To close the Flip-Flo valve, pull lever up,
  • A night drainage bag may be attached to the flexible connector to allow continuous urine drainage overnight (Warning: Leave Flip Flo valve in the open position at night)
  • It is recommended that the Flip-Flo valve is changed every 5-7 days. Simply disconnect the valve from the catheter and discard. Attach a new valve following the above instructions.



  • Reduced bladder capacity
  • Cognitive impairment
  • No bladder sensation
  • Insuffient manual dexterity to operate the Flip-Flo valve