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BARDIA Foley Catheter Silicone Coated 30 ml

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BARDIA Silicone Coated Latex Foley Catheter is made from a hydrophobic material that rejects moisture. 16" long, 2-way 30cc balloon. The silicone elastomer coating provides protection against urethral irritation. Peel-pouch, single-use. Sterile.

Catheter Length 16 Inches
Catheter Tip Straight
Catheter Material Silicone-Coated Latex
Catheter Balloon 30cc
Catheter Style 2-Way Foley
Catheter French Size 12Fr, 14Fr, 16Fr, 18Fr, 20Fr, 22Fr, 24Fr, 26Fr, 28Fr, 30Fr
Catheter Eyelets Large Eyelets
Gender Unisex