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  1. Thoughts from an Older Gentlemen Cathing for the First Time

    Many trips to the doctor’s office have come and gone.  The prostate issues just aren’t going away and today my doctor told me that I would have to “use a catheter to pee from now on.”  I don’t think so is what I thought to myself.  I have done this the same way for 72 years and that is not...
  2. All You Need to Know about Stoma Paste

    Ostomy leakage is a problem that all people who have a stoma will encounter at some point. For many people, ostomy leakage is a common problem in the early weeks and months of adapting to life with a stoma. Ostomy leakages can be very messy and profoundly impact a stomate's self-confidence, especially in public situations where there may not be appropriate facilities to deal with leakage. Continue reading →
  3. What is Orthopedic Physical Therapy?

    As humans, we all have one thing in common: We are all made up of 206 bones, with muscles and ligaments that holds us together. If you have suffered an injury or ailment that has affected your bones, joints or muscles, you can benefit from the services of a skilled orthopedic physical therapist. Continue reading →
  4. 12 Ways to Improve Orthopedic Health for Seniors

    improve orthopedic health for seniors Orthopedic health is a central component of overall physical health and well-being for seniors. The field of orthopedics includes anything that has to do with the bones, muscles, joints, and connective tissues of the human body. Continue reading →
  5. Why We Love Hospital Socks

    Hospital socks are much loved by patients, family members, nurses and almost every other person who encounters them in the hospital setting, whether as a professional or visitor. Everyone can attest to their comfort and the protection these socks provide. Whether you refer to them as slipper socks, hospital socks or something else altogether, these socks cheer up even the grumpiest of people. Continue reading →
  6. The Most Common Orthopedic Surgeries in Seniors

    team doctors analyzing x ray Orthopedic surgeries are among the most common surgical procedures across all age groups, yet are especially prevalent among older adults. From young people who tear ligaments in sports to older adults with persistent knee pain who require a joint replacement, orthopedic surgeries improve the lives of all types of people. Continue reading →
  7. Tips on Combating Dementia Symptoms with Essential Oils

    tips combating dementia symptoms essential oils Dementia, a mental disorder that affects our loved ones as they age, is a serious and heartbreaking condition that touches an estimated 1 in 9 individuals over 65. It is the result of a degeneration of the brain cells and can manifest itself in a number of ways including memory loss. Continue reading →
  8. 8 Secrets You Didn't Know About Incontinence and Pregnancy

    Pregnant woman When you're expecting, your body undergoes tremendous changes. While most are lovely, such as feeling your baby move for the first time, there can be some uncomfortable moments. One such moment is involuntary urine leakage when you cough, laugh, sneeze, exercise, or even lift something. Continue reading →
  9. The Difference between Overactive Bladder and Urinary Incontinence

    It can be awkward when the body does not function the way it's supposed to, regardless of age. Urinary difficulties and leakages can be especially awkward because they can be visible. Continue reading →
  10. 11 Things to Know About Ostomy Bags That You're Too Afraid to Ask

    Some medical treatments seem more disruptive to a normal life than others, and how one handles them reveals a lot about the person. Cancer patients may wear colorful scarves during treatment. Post eye surgery, a man may rock an eye-patch with a cover that match his ties. People adapt and learn how to take their difficulties in stride, always attempting...

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