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Our Best Nephrostomy Bags

There are numerous reasons someone would need a nephrostomy bag because nephrostomy serves several purposes. The most common purpose is to drain urine if the ureter has an obstruction that cannot be reached through retrograde access. Nephrostomy can also reach the upper urinary tract for endourologic procedures, send chemotherapy to the renal collection system, and diagnose issues such as obstructions and congenital abnormalities.

Nephrostomy bags are key to the process of removing the urine. Each day, users inspect the catheter and the bag as well as drain the bag. Many different types of nephrostomy bags are available, and we have plenty of options to choose from. The nephrostomy bag process may seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.
Renal obstructions can be dangerous, but luckily, we have products that can help. A nephrostomy creates an opening in the kidneys to either temporarily or permanently drain the urine out of them. The collection system of the kidney is pierced with a needle, allowing the surgeon to then send a guidewire through it to insert a tube. The procedure takes about an hour. The first version of this surgery was performed over 100 years ago, so the procedure is thoroughly researched and relatively routine.

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Here is a rundown of our best nephrostomy bags.

Nephrostomy Drain Bag 600ml

Nephrostomy Bag

First up is our sterile, single-use nephrostomy drain bag 600ml. We offer them individually as well as in a box of 20. This bag can be very beneficial to users because of its adjustability and customization availability. It comes with a 24-inch kink-resistant drainage tube that can be cut to whatever length is best for the user. The soft waist belt is also adjustable, making it more comfortable. Also, this bag features an anti-reflux valve that works to eliminate and prevent any retrograde contamination. Emptying the bag is simple with a twist-type outlet valve, and it also comes with a male Luer adaptor. As far as materials go, it does not contain any natural rubber latex that many people are allergic to. With its ease of use and affordability, this bag could be a great option.

Merit Medical Nephrostomy Drain Bag

The Merit Medical nephrostomy drain bag could also be very helpful to someone in need of a nephrostomy bag. The bag is clear, holds 600 milliliters, and features measurement markings that are easy to read. This bag is sold as a single item and comes with a leg strap made of genuine Velcro material that can be adjusted to fit the user's leg. As with our other bags, it also comes with an anti-reflux valve and the twist valve that makes emptying the bag simple.

Merit Medical Nephrostomy Bag with Cloth Backing

Our Merit Medical nephrostomy bag with cloth backing is similar to the Merit Medical nephrostomy drain bag except this one has a cloth backing. This backing is soft, so it increases patient comfort while maintaining its easy-to-use features. It comes with a 24 inch boring tube that is adjustable, as well as the other great features of the Merit Medical nephrostomy bag, including the Velcro leg strap and the twist valve. This comes in a pack of one and could provide users with the comfort and ease they are looking for.

UreSil Tru-Close Nephrostomy Gravity Drainage System

Finally, we would like to mention our UreSil tru-close nephrostomy gravity drainage system. We offer several different options when purchasing this bag. These include a single bag with 20 inch tubing, a box of 20 bags with 20 inch tubing, and a single bag with 36 inch tubing. This system includes a graduated collection bag that holds 600cc. It comes with a twist-valve emptying port, as well as an elastic cloth belt to connect the bag to the user. The Luer lock connector, as well as the anti-reflux valve, make this easy to use, and it is soft to increase comfort.

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Covers for Nephrostomy Bags

Many nephrostomy bag users are a bit concerned about their appearance with the bag, but there are many covers available that can provide comfort and support for the user. Many people can get homemade covers that come in a variety of colors and designs. Most of the covers are extremely simple to use;  just slide a belt through the outer bag, and it will make the nephrostomy bag as discreet as possible. Most covers also come with convenient pockets and additional openings that allow for easier drainage.


All our bags are made with high-quality materials, and the features make things easier on users. Connecting the bags, draining the urine, and cleaning the bags won't be a hassle with these user-friendly models.

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