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Why We Love Hospital Socks

Hospital socks are much loved by patients, family members, nurses and almost every other person who encounters them in the hospital setting, whether as a professional or visitor. Everyone can attest to their comfort and the protection these socks provide.

Whether you refer to them as slipper socks, hospital socks or something else altogether, these socks cheer up even the grumpiest of people.

Her are the four best reasons to use hospital socks in the hospital, at home or even in a long-term care setting and what keeps people coming back to buy them time and time again.

Cozy Comfort for Your Toes

Hospital socks are beloved by patients primarily because they provide a measure of comfort and protection in a place where people feel cold and vulnerable for an unfortunate amount of time.

Many hospitals are kept at a relatively cool temperature for a number of reasons. It keeps patients with a fever cool and is more comfortable for the staff who are often running around on their feet for upwards of 12 hours at a time. This is true of other care settings as well. However, this means it can be uncomfortably cool or even cold for patients and their visitors.

nurse caring elderly woman bed

Even at home, it can be very cold during the winter months and even in the summer months with the prevalence of air conditioning.

Hospital socks are the answer to the problem of cold feet in the hospital or at home. They keep the feet warm without overheating or causing them to sweat.

These patient slipper socks can also provide a sense of security and comfort while in the hospital or at home. Being in the hospital can be a scary experience, as you are often uncomfortable, in pain or uncertain of what is going to happen. Having cute, comfy slipper socks provides a small comfort and a fun personal item in this space.

Helpful Grips Prevent Falls

For older adults and those who love and care for them, preventing falls is a top concern. Falls in the elderly are accompanied by a significant risk of debilitating injury, significantly decreased quality of life or even death. For this reason and for comfort, many people want to wear something on their feet while in the hospital.

However, wearing shoes or house slippers in the hospital is not a viable option. For one thing, shoes can be challenging to put on and take off and are a risk for falls in most cases. Slip-on house slippers like the ones you might wear at home are an enormous risk for falls and should be avoided, especially for the elderly., The same goes for regular non-grip socks.

Hospital socks with their carefully designed non-slip grip treads help prevent falls and keep people safe on their feet. Older adults report feeling safer ambulating in these socks, which means they can walk more and ultimately get better sooner as well.

doctor greeting disabled patient

Keeping Feet Clean

Anyone who has worked in a hospital for any length of time can agree on one thing: A hospital is a dirty place. Despite the best efforts of housekeeping and nursing staff to keep the floors clean all the time through regular sanitization and cleaning, the hospital is prime territory for all sorts of nasty germs and bacteria.

Hospital floors are an unfortunate vector for all sorts of unwanted pathogens. Even if you are the type of person who would walk with bare feet at home, the hospital is a truly terrible place to walk with uncovered feet for any length of time. This goes double for anyone who is very young, very old or has a compromised immune system.

Shoes and slippers are either disallowed or inappropriate for the hospital setting, mostly due to a risk of falls. Socks from home are usually disallowed for similar reasons: The lack of treaded grips means they can cause you to fall and injure yourself.

Hospital slipper socks provide the perfect amount of protection for your feet, making sure your skin and nails are protected from dangerous bacteria. They are ideal in the hospital or in most long-term care settings, where other footwear is inappropriate.

focus hand patient hospital ward

Durability and Quality

Slipper socks are constructed of a high-quality material and have the best possible grip treads, allowing for longer life.

With three sizes to choose from, there is a hospital sock that will fit your feet. For these reasons and many more, people often elect to wear hospital socks in their own home. If you like having cozy feet or want to avoid falling and associated injuries, these may just be the socks for you.

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