Doff N' Donner Cone Only

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NEW PRODUCT!!    The Doff N´ Donner is the most exciting application aid available for compression stockings.  This revolutionary device is the solution for patients and caregivers struggling to put on & take off lower extremity compression garments.  The Donner is an infinitely shaped water balloon, called a toroid, that is used to help you put on and/or take off (Don and Doff) compression stockings and socks easily and without complications.  It is recommended by therapists and physicians for their patients with lymphedema, venous insufficiency, and other conditions which require the use of compression stockings.  If it saves one garment - and it will - it "Pays for Itself!"

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The Doff N' Donner

Also refered to as "The Donner", this is the device that rolls the garment both on and off of the leg.  You can also store the garment rolled on the Donner for later use.

The Cone

The Cone is used to "load" or help roll the stocking onto the donner.  The base of the cone attaches to any clean flat surface using a suction cup.
Please note:  The power of the suction cup may leave a ring behind when used on a stained finished surface.