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Enemeez Mini Enema Plus


Enemeez Mini Enema Plus Zoom

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Enemeez Mini Enema Plus ENEMEEZPLUS - Bottle of 30 $115.99

Stool softener and laxative in a convenient, easy-to-use squeeze tube. Enemeez® Plus is the same formulation as Enemeez® with the addition of 20 mg of benzocaine. Individuals who experience autonomic dysreflexia, pain while producing a bowel movement or irritation from hemorrhoids should use Enemeez® Plus. The benzocaine creates a numbing sensation that counteracts symptoms experienced from autonomic dysreflexia and/or eliminates pain and irritation.

Features: Product # ENEMEEZPLUS

  • Reduced time spent for redressing due to episodes of incontinence or discharge.
  • Fast, predictable results typically in 15-20 minutes.
  • Virtually eliminates episodes of incontinence, reducing complication with perianal pressure ulcers and / or wound contamination
  • No mucosal discharge, helps to maintain healthy skin integrity.
  • Non-irritating formula for safe, daily long term use. No afterburn.
  • Decreases risk of falls by patients due to frequent toileting and urgency voiding
  • Reduced time missed in therapy/rehabilitation due to episodes of incontinence, prolonged bowel care, or fatigue.
  • Savings on pads, laundry, gowns, sheets etc. due to episodes of incontinence or discharge.
  • addition of 20 mg. of benzocaine
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