GentleCath Female Intermittent Catheter

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GentleCath Female Intermittent Catheter
501022 - 14 French - 6 Inches - Each
GentleCath Female Intermittent Catheter
501022 - 14 French - 6 Inches - Box of 100


The GentleCath Intermittent Catheter is designed to make catheter insertion and removal as smooth and easy as possible for an individual.  The catheter features polished and rounded eyelets that have been designed to minimize friction, and has a soft, rounded tip that aids smooth insertion.  The six and one/half inch length is specifically designed for female individuals who need to catheterize.  GentleCath Female Intermittent Catheters are designed for maximum safety and ease of use.


  • Polished and rounded eyelets to help minimize friction
  • Soft, rounded tips to help make insertion smooth
  • Six and one/half inch length
  • Green Funnel End
Catheter Length 6 Inches
Catheter Tip Straight
Catheter Material PVC
Catheter Funnel Has Funnel End
Catheter Style Uncoated, Intermittent
Catheter French Size 14Fr
Catheter Eyelets Fire Polished Eyelets
Gender Female


Convatec has published instructions for Female Use. They are:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. Clean the genital area from the front to the back, from the inside to the outside, with soap and water.
  3. Choose the position that is most comfortable. Move pelvis forward as much as possible to get a better view.  Use a mirror to find the opening of the urethra.
  4. Peel open the package.
  5. Lubricate the catheter with water-soluble lubricant.
  6. Take the catheter out of the package.
  7. With one hand, spread the labia (the loose tissue on either side of the urethra) apart and lift it gently upwards.  The urethra opening should now be visible.
  8. With one hand, slowly push the catheter into urethra until the urine starts to flow.  Make sure the funnel end is pointing into a container.
  9. When the urine starts to flow, push the catheter in one or two centimeters to make sure that it is fully inside the bladder.
  10. To make sure bladder is emptied completely, remove the catheter slowly and stop if more urine starts to flow.
  11. When the bladder is empty withdraw the catheter slowly.
  12. Discard the catheter after use.
  13. Wash hands.

From time to time your physician or nurse may give you instructions that vary slightly from those provided by Convatec.  Follow the advice of your doctor or nurse since they know the details of your care.

Tips for Use

  • Inspect the catheter before use
  • After a package has been opened, either use the catheter or discard it
  • Avoid touching the tip of the catheter before use
  • After use, discard the catheter--Never re-use a catheter
  • If you experience an unusual difficulty such as no flow, painful insertion, discharge or other abnormality, contact your healthcare professional (doctor or nurse)