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Hi-Slip Plus Male Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter

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The hi-slip has a special surface that provides a very high degree of slipperiness when soaked in water. No additional lubricant is needed. hi-slip plus comes with the water already included for enhanced hygiene and convenience.


Catheter French Size and Funnel Color

Product # HSPM4008 HSPM4010 HSPM4012 HSPM4014 HSPM4016 HSPM4018
French Size 8 Fr 10 Fr 12 Fr 14 Fr 16 Fr 18 Fr
Funnel Color Blue Black White Green Orange Red


Instruction for Use Provided by www.medicath.com website

  1. Wash your hands before catheterization.
  2. Break the water sachet by folding and squeezing, or by squeezing the upper part.
  3. You can stick the package onto any dry surface using the self adhesive tape on the package.
  4. Make sure that the catheter is soaked in water for at least 30 seconds, and get ready for catheterization.
  5. Open the package by peeling the tabs on the connector side.
  6. Discharge water from the package.  The catheter is now ready to use.
  7. If you find the catheter too slippery to handle, you can open the package by peeling the bottom tabs and perform catheterization without ever touching the catheter.