Hollister Pouchkins Newborn Pouch

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Hollister Pouchkins Newborn Pouch
3778 - Box of 15

Made exclusively for newborns and designed for both post-operative and home use. So versatile, they can be worn while baby is bathing, and the closed bottom can be cut for use as a drainable pouch with or without a drain valve (use with Pouchkins™ tubing, HOL3779). Includes pouches and SoftFlex skin barriers without starter hole, tape border or filter. Pouch Length 6 1/2".   Transparent.  Box of 15.


Fits Stomas Up to 1 3/8"


Key Features

  • Newborn Pouch - Use with or Without the Drain Valve
  • SoftFlex (standard wear) Skin Barrier - Flat
  • Without Tape Border
  • Without Integrated Filter
  • Soft Wire Closure (if converted to a drainable pouch)
  • Odor-Barrier Film
  • Without ComfortWear Panels