Hollister Pouchkins Premie Pouch

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Hollister Pouchkins Premie Pouch
3777 - Box of 15

Premie closed or drainable ostomy pouch. Contains pouches and SoftFlex skin barriers without starter hole, tape border or filter. Odor barrier film without comfort panels. Soft, wire closure. 4 1/2" pouch length. Ultra Clear.  Box of 15

For Stomas Up To 5/8"


Key Features

  • Use as a Premie Closed or Drainable Pouch
  • SoftFlex (standard wear) Skin Barrier - Flat
  • Without Tape Border
  • Without Starter Hole
  • Without Integrated Filter
  • Odor-Barrier Film
  • Soft Wire Closure
  • Without ComfortWeat Panels