Hollister Vented Leg Bag Combination Pack

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Hollister Vented Leg Bag Combination Pack
9645 - Medium - 18oz. - Each
Hollister Vented Leg Bag Combination Pack
9655 - Large - 30oz. - Each


Urinary Vented leg bag with sterile fluid pathaway and kink-resistant extension tubing and Vacuum Relief Valve. 1 pair of fabric leg straps, 23" long. 100% Latex-free kit.


  • Anti-reflux valve helps prevent urine backflow into the tubing
  • Vent helps prevent air buildup in the leg bag, providing a lower profile
  • Easy-to-operate drain valve
  • Low-profile buttons help secure the urine collection bag
  • Two size options available
  • Not made with natural rubber latex, contains sterile components
  • Combination pack includes: (1) vented urinary leg bag (medium or large), (1) extension tubing, with vacuum relief valve, with connector, (1) pair leg straps, medium (23")