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LoCost Medical Supply is your online source for low cost medical supplies. Our products are presented in categories that are labeled along the top navigation bar. Hover your mouse over a category and a dropdown menu will appear showing subcategories. Hovering over sub-categories will show further sub-categories making it easy to arrive at a product selection quicker. In addition, when you click on a category or sub-category, an additional left-hand navigation menu appears. The left-hand navigation menu highlights where you are on the site plus you can make selections from the left-hand navigation menu just as you can from the top navigation menu. Finding the medical supply product you are looking for is easy. Medical supply products are divided into:

Catheter Supplies - here you will find intermittent catheters, male external catheters, foley catheters, urinary drainage bags, and all the accessories that you may need to enhance catheter usage. You will also find supplies for bowel programs.

Incontinence Supplies - here you will find adult diapers, adult incontinence underwear, male and female-specific adult incontinence supplies, adult washcloths, youth diapers, and adult incontinence supplies that could help manage diaper rash and other complications of adult incontinence.

Ostomy Supplies - here you will find Hollister, Convatec, and Genairex ostomy products. Also included in this category are numerous ostomy accessories such as ostomy bag clamps, skin barrier creams, skin barrier paste, moldable skin barrier, medical adhesives, adhesive removers, and other ostomy accessories that help protect the skin.

Skin and Wound Care - this section contains skin care products for both normal skin and for wounds. Skin creams and ointments for everyday use can be found here. Wound care includes tapes, sterile gause, non-sterile gauze, split gauze, wound packing gauze, wound dressings, owders, wound cleansers, devices for pressure reduction, and many other medical suppies that are used to treat wounds from minor scrapes or burns to major stage pressure ulcers.

Home Medical Equipment - this category features medical equipment that has been designed for use in the home. Bathroom safety equipment, raised toilet seats, 3-in-1 commodes, drop arm commodes, bathroom rails, transfer benches, bath benches, wheelchairs, transport chairs, rollators, walkers, ambulatory aids (such as crutches and canes), TENS Units, overbed tables, nebulizers, along with supplies that make other product use easier. For your convenience, we have included measurements of the equipment pieces for many items as well as other descriptive information in order to help you decide which equipment is right for you.

Health and Living - we use this category to host daily living aids, caregiver supplies, cushions, pillows, & positioners, patient alarms, and other medical supplies that either enhance everyday living or that could be used by caregivers, nurses, or family members when providing care for people at home.

Orthopedic - this category features braces and supports for joints, including shoulder supports, ankle braces, knee braces, ankle walker boots, elbow braces, abdominal supports, back braces, and many other braces or supports designed to support a joint or muscle group. You will also find products for arthritis in this section.

Compression Garments - this category represents the largest category on the website. Compression stockings available in knee high, thigh high, pantyhose and maternity compression stockings, gauntlets, gloves, comression sleeves, compression athletic socks, compression dress socks, true gradient compression garments, leggings, and other compression garments are featured. Donning and doffing devices, creams, washing solutions, and other compression accessories used to get the most from your compression therapy and garment can be found here.