LoFric Dila-Cath

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LoFric Dila-Cath
891800 - 18 French - Box of 30
LoFric Dila-Cath
891600 - 16 French - Box of 30

LoFric Dila-Cath is specially designed for treatment of recurrent urethral strictures. It is easy and hygienic to handle and is coated with a patented low-friction coating to minimize discomfort and risk of complications. Available only in 40 cm length.

Box of 30


Key Features

  • Connectors have different colors depending on the diameter of the catheter.
  • Urotonic Surface Technology for low friction and maximal comfort.
  • No catheter eyes.
  • Rounded catheter tip.
  • Nor made with natural rubber latex.


Intended Use

The LoFric Dila-Cath single use hydrophilic dilatation catheter is intended for treatment of recurrent urethral strictures.


NOTE:  Do not place LoFric catheters on paper or cloth, as these materials can absorb the catheter's liquid coating.  Be sure to follow your health care provider's instructions when using these products.


Wash your hands with soap and water before preparing the catheter.


French Size and New Product Number

New Product # Old Product # Size Qty
4061600 891600 16Fr 30
4061800 891800 18Fr 30



LoFric Dila-Cath Instructions for Use

  1. Open the pack carefully.  Pull the tabs open about 2 inches. Pour water directly into the pack.  Use sterile water only as directed by your healthcare provider.
  2. Remove the blue tab on the back ond attach the packaging to a sink or other convenient dry surface.
  3. Let the catheter soak for 30 seconds.  The catheter is then ready to be used.