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LoCost Medical Supply Online Price Matching Policy

LoCost Medical Supply will match any online price, for an exact-same product, in the Catheter Supplies, Incontinence, Ostomy, Skin & Wound Care, Home Medical Equipment, Health & Living, Orthopedic and Compression Garments categories.  Our price match policy considers the total order price versus our competition.

Our price matching policy does not include eBay, Amazon, online medical suppliers with no phone number and/or physical address listed, or any other third-party selling services. We will match authentic U.S. websites by authorized U.S. medical supply dealers.

At LoCost, we offer free shipping on many orders over $79. The value of the free shipping will be used to determine the actual match value / price. For example, if you order two items at a price of $45 each, the total price is $90 and shipping from LoCost Medical Supply is free. If another qualified online retailer sells the same item for $43 each, and charges $8.95 shipping for orders, then the order cost at LoCost is $90 ($45 item + $45 item) while the actual cost at the competitor is $94.95 ($43 item + $43 item + $8.95 shipping). In this instance, there would not be a price match as the order value of the competitor is greater than the LoCost order value.

Price matching must be requested at the time the order is placed. No price matching will occur after an order has been placed.

In cases where the actual charge from the competitor is less than the actual charge from LoCost Medical Supply, we will match the competitor's actual charge.

 Price Matching does not apply to:

  1. Discontinued Items, free promotional products
  2. Loyalty Programs, rewards, cash back, or affiliate programs
  3. Membership cooperatives
  4. Mail-in rebates, gift cards, or gift checks
  5. Products excluded by manufacturer

 LoCost Medical Supply's price matching policy is not a guarantee.  It is our promise to make every effort to match a competitor's price, but in rare cases, a price match may not be possible.

 LoCost Medical Supply reserves the right to change or discontinue its price matching policy at any time.

Call 1-888-679-1145 for price matching.

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