Rusch MMG H2O Intermittent Catheter Hydrophilic Closed System

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Rusch MMG H2O Intermittent Catheter Hydrophilic Closed System
21096140 - 14 French - 16 Inches - Each


The Rusch MMG H2O Catheter is a hydrophilic catheter with integrated sterile 0.9% saline pouch enclosed in a 1300 mL drain bag. Activate the hydrophilic coating by squeezing the integrated sterile isotonic saline pouch to allow the MMG H2O to glide easily through the urethra. Studies show that using hydrophilic-coated catheters reduces urethral micro trama. The soft silicone introducer tip protects the catheter from bacterial residing in the first few centimeters of the urethra, helping to reduce the risk of urinary tract infection.

Catheter Length 16 Inches
Catheter Tip Straight
Catheter Material Latex-Free
Catheter Funnel Has Funnel End with Collection Bag
Catheter Style Hydrophilic, Closed System
Catheter French Size 14Fr
Gender Unisex