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Tena Bathing Glove

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TENA® Bathing Glove
For caring and convenient body cleansing...
  • Developed to better care for fragile skin, minimize cross-contamination, and provide a more convenient and efficient routine for both residents and caregivers.
  • Pre-moistened with a gentle body wash formula
  • Eliminates the need for soap, water, basins or additional towels
  • Can be used as an alternative, or in addition, to regular baths and shower
  • May be warmed for a more soothing bathing experience
  • Two-sided glove design enables easy and hygienic cleansing of whole body
  • pH friendly; no need for basin, water, soap, reusable washcloths, towels;reduce laundry
  • Minimize the risk of cross contamination
  • Available scented or scent free


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65004 No 9" x 5.9" 45/pkg
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