Urocare Tubing Connector

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Replacement tubing connector found pre-assembled on Urocare drainage & extension tubing, Urocare® catheter connectors and on tubing included in Uro-Kit Reusable Latex Urinary Leg Bag Kits. Features “Reverse-Grip” technology and graduated barbs to provide a secure hold on most standard sized drainage or extension tubing. May be used to connect Uro-Con or Uro-Cath male external catheters, Foley® indwelling catheters and reusable or disposable urinary drainage bags, bottles or other urinary and ostomy appliances

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Urocare Tubing Connector
6009 - 5/16" connector - pack 10
Urocare Tubing Connector
6010 - 3/8" connector - pack 10


Product # Description Qty
6009  5/16" OD Small Connector 10
6010  3/8" OD Large Connector 10